Provide AI control of one or more ships for the X-Wing Miniatures Game, using FFG's 2nd Edition ruleset.


Setup game per standard 2nd Edition rules, choosing any squadrons and or missions.


On the AI main page, for each AI controlled ship:
  1. Select the faction of the the AI controlled ship.
  2. Select the ship type for the AI controlled ship.
  3. Pick a target (human-controlled) ship for the AI ship to attempt to attack (see below for details).
  4. Select the location on the targeting ring that matches the direction of target (human-controlled) ship.
  5. Move the AI Ship using the displayed maneuver:
    • Choose the "Closing" maneuver if the Target ship is in range and facing towards the the AI ship.
    • Choose the "Retreating" maneuver if the Target ship is in range and facing away from the AI ship.
    • Choose the "Out-of-Range" maneuver if the Target ship is further than range 3 from the AI ship.
    • Choose the "Stressed" maneuver if the AI ship has a Stress token.
  6. Choose the best Action for the AI (see below for how to do this).
  7. Complete the round per standard rules.

Picking a Target:

There are multiple options for picking a target:
  1. Always pick the nearest possible target, or
  2. Randomize target selection by rolling a 6-sided die:
  3. or, Pick the target that makes the most sense for the AI to defeat, if you were playing the AI side.

Whichever method you choose, use that method consistently throughout the game.

Choosing an action:

Choose the first action that matches the criteria provided, based on the list of possible actions on the main page for the selected ship.
Optional: Select the action or actions from the list of available actions for the selected ship that would most benefit the AI ship.

If the selected ship can perform the Target Lock action, this is a free action. Choose this action plus another action that is available in the list.
The AI ship loses the "free" target lock at the end of its turn.
The AI ship must be able to perform actions on its turn to be able to use the "free" Target Lock action.
If it is unable to perform any actions (due to performing a RED maneuver, collision, or presence of a stress token, for example), it may not take the "free" Target Lock action this turn.

The "free" Target Lock for the AI (on ships that can perform a Target Lock) provides for more of a challenge to the player.
Feel free to ignore this rule if you like, but play consistently through the game no matter whether you choose to use AI "free" Target Locks or not.